Why Volunteer with us?

We are working on several social projects related to women, children, medical care, education, etc. in various parts of Nepal. It provides an excellent platform for foreign volunteers to be engaged in extensive volunteering activities. Our volunteers live closely with the families in a homestay platform to experience closer socio-cultural discovery.

• Travelers can develop their desired skills in multiple social works.
• Discover the cultural, social, natural, and local environment of Nepal.
• Involved in cultural exchange activities.
• Volunteers can provide English teachings to isolates children, schools, colleges, Buddhist nunneries, and more.
• Participate in traditional festivals, local weddings, and secret rituals.
• Volunteers can help orphans, motivate them, and raise funds for any humanitarian support.
• Become familiar with the local languages, norms, religion, and more.
• Experience the scenic beauty of Nepal, ranging from the Himalayas to sub-tropical regions.

Volunteer in Nepal

We help volunteers explore the treasures of Nepalese geographies along with the activation of volunteering works. It’s an excellent platform for trekkers, tour lovers, volunteers, and researchers for a great outing in Nepal.

Our crews collaboratively work with many global volunteers to bring a glimpse of happiness to all the needy communities in Nepal. Additionally, we offer internship programs to international students & retirees with internship & social programs.

Along with voluntourism, we bring you the best platform to get involved in social activities. Our volunteering activities include construction works, teaching, motivating, charity, education, etc. We focus on women’s rights, children’s rights, care of old age citizens, renovation, constructions, plantations, etc.

Our volunteers can take part in many volunteering activities along with the refreshments of the genetic graces of Nepal. Nepal is truly a destination to explore at least once in a lifetime. So, why not explore it and get involved in social works.

It always feels fantastic in giving rather than taking, so why not join us and get involved in volunteering. Volunteers can contribute as per their desire, skill-set, and other offerings. We are currently working on numerous projects in collaboration with our foreign volunteers. Thus, we invite all the travel & volunteer lovers for a blend of joyful and social activities.   

Why Volunteer with us?
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