What do we do?

Every year a large number of foreign volunteers explore Nepal for tourism as well as social causes. Similarly, they are involved in several developmental projects such as street children management, women’s right, building earthquake destroyed houses, preservation of wildlife, and many more. We provide a wide range of platforms for travel volunteers based on their skills and interest to collaborate with us in the development of Nepal.

We offer cultural exchange platforms for travel volunteers which can support them to be more flexible in Nepali cultural environments. Our travel volunteer shares a conventional lodging and food along with our Nepali volunteers during project durations. It will uplift the socio-cultural relationship between our volunteering group and locals.

Since the massive earthquake of 2015, Nepal requires a large number of aid workers, volunteers, to renovate its development activities. Thus, many travel volunteers are involved in various social activities all across Nepal. Travel volunteers are engaged in building the destroyed houses, monasteries, bamboo houses, homestays, school visits, social works in the Himalayan regions, street children support, conservation of endangered species, and many more.

Volunteering experience in Nepal gives a fabulous platform for travelers to discover the ups and downsides of Nepal’s landscapes, majestic peaks, wildlife, heritages, homestay environments, cultural exchanges and viewing some of the thrilling virgin treasures of Nepal. Travelers need to assure that their money is invested for a social cause so that the actual needy ones can uplift their lifestyles.

As you know, Nepal is an emerging country that largely depends on the tourism industry. So if you can discover Nepal as a volunteer and trekker & promote its “voluntourism,” then this will aid in the development of the country in many ways.

Our principle lies in the development of isolated peoples, communities, heritages, and Nepal’s renovation. So, if you can collaborate with us then definitely we can make Nepal better than ever.

So, join us in with our several humanitarian projects and discover the sight of “voluntourism” in Nepal.

What do we do?

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