We organize various volunteering training programs, which will help our volunteers to be more effective in their field of interest. Moreover, our volunteering training helps our volunteers, to be more precise, useful in their placement, and focus on their targeted group. So, we have several training options for our volunteers based on their area of interest. Below are our areas of training:

Nepali Language, Culture, and Tradition Classes:
Our Nepali language training, cultural and traditional classes will help our volunteers to be more proactive in their volunteering works in Nepal. It will make our volunteer easier to communicate with the Nepali host families, students, teachers during their stay in Nepal. We have our curriculum, which helps our volunteers to learn Nepali language, culture, and tradition faster. Will be implemented based on the requirements of our volunteers. In addition to the language classes, we help our volunteers to get detailed information about Nepali culture arts, and tradition. Our main motive of training volunteering is to support our volunteers during their work of operations. With this volunteering training, we can adapt to the traditional Nepali culture and lifestyle. In addition to this, Nepali culture classes help our volunteers during their work with children, teachers, parents, villagers, officials, etc.

Volunteer Teaching Skills:
We will groom our volunteers with a couple of days of orientation classes, which help our volunteers to work closely with Nepali teachers, staff, and students. Moreover, our volunteers will be familiar while working in schools, colleges, organizations, etc. Our volunteers can teach at schools, monasteries, colleges working with schools, teachers, and motivate with the way of living.

Construction and Technology Skills:
We help our volunteers who are arriving in Nepal for volunteering in construction, technology, and other fields. Based on the group of volunteering groups, we will help our volunteers with the orientation sections that can help our volunteers in construction and technology works. Our training programs mainly includes kitchen gardening, soak pits, solar energy appliances, smokeless stoves, water filter, bamboo house construction, etc. We emphasize on rural life, so this volunteering training helps in working closely with rural communities.

Sponsorship procedure:
We help our volunteers in sponsorship procedures if they want to collaborate with us in the field of child rights. Our professional will help the volunteers in sponsoring a child for education, shelter, or any social works. It feels excellent in giving than in taking, as we have got many foreign volunteers collaborating with us in children’s education, health, and shelter. So, our new foreign volunteers will get assistance from our experienced international volunteers and us.

Training Phases:
We offer two-phase of training for our volunteers, as the initial phase is the pre-placement phase. Then after you become precise, we undergo the middle stage of training. It helps our volunteers more proactive in their respective fields of interest.

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