We are an authenticated team of social activists, in the field of volunteering, volunteer placements, and internships. Our volunteers and internees are involved in several volunteering works based on their area of interest. Moreover, our volunteers are tourists, teachers, travelers, social workers, celebrities, students, and researchers from multiple nationalities. So, volunteering in Nepal can help the foreigners, to interact with our foreign volunteers from different backgrounds. In addition to this, they can enjoy the hidden beauty of rural Nepal along with hostile peoples. Our premier services include volunteering in the field of child labor, education, orphans, women, earthquake victims, etc.

So, we invite all interested foreign nationals to cooperate with us in such social activities. We have a committed team of staff who are more than capable of sorting out your queries. Furthermore, our team is ready to solve any of your problems and interrogations. We want our volunteers to feel comfortable, free, and proactive, so please let us know if you have any issues, anytime, anywhere. It will help us to be in contact and communicate for executable volunteering.

Volunteering in Nepal give our volunteers ample of experiences regarding the rural life in Nepal, culture, social norms, rituals. Moreover, our volunteers will get good experience in their social journey.
We feel proud of our work and collaboration with foreign participants. Most of our international volunteers give positive feedback about our services, and it makes us more committed to our path. In addition to this, we are happy for our foreign volunteers who are recognized everywhere for their social services.

Along with the volunteering collaboration programs, our participants can choose to go through the Himalayan journey. Since Nepal is a fascinating country, so inhaling the internal beauty of Nepal gives a lifelong experience to our participants. Therefore, we also offer several tours, trek, hike, excursion, Heli tour, mountain flight, at the best possible terms.

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