We provide dedicated services to our volunteers during their stay in Nepal. Moreover, we provide complete support and assistance to our volunteers and internees. It helps the volunteering service more feasible, effective, and more charming. Similarly, we groom our volunteers with several orientations and training classes which helps them before they can start their volunteering works.

Moreover, our volunteering services are exact, dedicated to the upliftment of rural communities in Nepal. Similarly, our volunteering programs emphasize on children, women, locals, education, shelter, child labor, orphans, etc. We collaborate with several foreign volunteers, working to provide the social service to the needy Nepali community. Our volunteers from multiple nationalities are working together in these social activities. We help internees and experienced foreign volunteers to groom up their skills in a social cause. Moreover, our volunteering training classes help our volunteers to dip closer into Nepali local cultures, language, and society.

Our volunteer works in several rural projects as they work closely to uplift the way of living of our Nepali community. Volunteers can stay with the host family by paying some fees during their stay in Nepal. Staying in the Host family will help our volunteers to be even more comfortable with Nepali culture, arts, rituals, and homestay environment. There are many such villages in Nepal where children are deprived of their education, shelters and basic needs. The massive earthquake in Nepal shattered many homes and lives, and due to poverty, people are not able to overcome those damages. So, our main motive is to help those needy ones in collaboration with our foreign volunteers.

We incorporate with our foreign volunteers in the following departments:
• We help our international volunteers with Nepali language, culture, and tradition classes. Moreover, we prepare our volunteers with a site visit to temples, monasteries, shops, schools before their placements.
• Our team will organize an orientation program with the host family before we start the volunteering works. During the meet up you can personally interact with the host family, as it will ease your comfortability and give you more ideas,
• We will train our participants, with the education system in Nepal, rural schools, nunneries, orphan houses, old age houses, religious pilgrims, etc. In addition to this, we will guide volunteers for trekking, hiking, flight, and excursion to the Nepalese Himalayas.
• Our team will help the volunteers with daily schedules, and preplanning for their journey in Nepal,
• We help our volunteers in any circumstances, throughout their stay. We care about their safety and the environment of work. Our team will always be in touch with all our volunteers throughout their journey in Nepal.
• Our volunteers work in the field of education, health, child labor, sponsorships, support, orphans, etc. So, based on a particular area, we provide a detailed history, background, and working techniques to our volunteers.

Accommodation, Meals:
We arrange host family to our volunteers, throughout their journey in Nepal. We care for our volunteer’s lodging, meals. So, we manage a close meeting with the host family and the volunteers for a reasonable settlement. Our volunteers will get typical Nepali dishes, fruits, vegetables, pure drinking water during their homestay with the Nepali family. Volunteers will get all the necessary facilities like electricity, water, telephone, internet, during their homestay.
Moreover, our volunteers get a day off on Saturday, where they can enjoy the inner beauty of Nepal. We also help our volunteers on various tours, travel packages at a nominal range. It will support the local tourism industry of Nepal, and the volunteers will enjoy a refreshing trip to Nepal.
In addition to volunteering, we help volunteers for traveling, trekking, Heli flight, sightseeing, rafting, and other adventure at the lowest possible price.

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