Teaching Yoga for Beginners


Teaching Yoga for Beginners: Join us to explore the beauty of Nepalese Himalayas along with the spiritualism of yoga meditation. Moreover, there is an excellent opportunity to volunteering in yoga teaching, in Nepal, where you can enhance your skills, and get new yoga tips. Many internees and volunteers are involving in yoga teaching in collaboration with us. Our volunteers can experience a glimpse of Himalayan, beauty while involving in Yoga class for beginners near me teaching at schools, nunneries, elderly care centers, etc.

Teaching Yoga class for beginners near me and instructor at schools, Buddhist monasteries, childcare centers, old citizens’ care centers can bring a lot of joy in Nepalese faces. Many Nepalese are in search of peace and positivity in their lives. So, it’s an excellent platform for our volunteers to help them stay fit and acquire a motivated art of living. Our volunteer will get the opportunity to experience the majesty of Nepal while traveling in city or remote areas. Yoga is for years in Nepal, as many holy priests have to experience yoga meditation in Nepalese Himalayas. So, it’s an excellent opportunity for travelers to practice divine meditation and yoga at the greeny jungles of Nepal. Yoga teaching at schools, monasteries, childcare centers, can bring deep sacred feelings to both the volunteers and children.

Moreover, volunteers can extend their yoga teaching skills to the town peoples, villagers, and more while trekking and traveling. We will manage proper accommodation and food to our volunteers, internees during their stay in Nepal. Volunteers can experience typical Nepali meals like Dal, Bhat, Tarkari, Achar, during their stay.

In conclusion

It helps volunteers to become more familiar with typical Nepali culture, arts, festivals, heritages, rituals, etc. Our local host family will facilitate electricity, internet, pure drinking water for travelers. We care for you so that we will be aside from you all during your yoga teaching journey. Moreover, we offer different travel, trekking, destinations for our volunteer to enjoy their extra time in Nepal at flexible pricing.

Teaching Yoga for Beginners
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