Women Empowerment


Empower women

Join us to collaborate with the Empower women initiative, which is essential to uplift the lifestyle of rural women of Nepal. In addition to this, our women empowerment initiative will help rural women to polish the concept of masculine society. We support the community to enhance gender equality by promoting the idea of women empowerment in Nepal. Moreover, women in rural Nepal still deprived of their rights to education, knowledge, social status, skills, etc. So, our principal motive relies on the upliftment of authorization and their fundamental rights.

Our volunteers work in the field of Empower women, as they train women with various skills and literal education to generate income. Volunteers organize several skilled workshops for women, which improves their business ideas, personality, and way of living. We help rural women become proactive in this faster-changing environment. It helps a woman to tackle with socio-cultural obstacles and become self-dependent. Moreover, we help women in establishing joint venture small scale businesses.

Currently, Many women skill development programs, from small to medium scale industries. Our volunteers worldwide are involving in such a social initiative in Nepal. So, heartfully, invite our foreign travelers, to collaborate with us in uplifting the woman’s rights in different rural parts of Nepal. We provide skills-oriented training to women, aware of them with their authorizations, social rights, etc. Volunteering in woman empowerment is a great opportunity for our foreign volunteers to showcase their skills, talents, and speech in various woman upliftment programs.

Moreover, our volunteers get to experience various ups, downs of Nepalese Himalayas, and its hidden beauty. Our volunteers can utilize their extra time apart from volunteering in exploring the natural beauty of Nepal. So, our volunteers can upgrade their skills in women’s upliftment and enjoy the fabulous beauty of Nepal. Our small effort can help women to start skilled works, community works, small businesses to upgrade their economic standard. Moreover, our volunteers can become familiar with typical Nepali living styles, meals, language, festivals, community, rituals, etc. while traveling in volunteer works. We will manage a homestay environment for our volunteers for food and accommodation.

The Conclusion

Thus, our volunteers can enjoy various celebrations of the local community and accomplish many hidden treasures of Nepal. It will help our volunteers to become familiar with the typical Nepali community, language, rituals, arts, and frequent festivals. Our volunteers can discover different travel, trekking, sight view, Heli flight, and adventure sports, within their journey. Apart from woman empowerment in Nepal, we help the volunteer in various travel and tour packages at a reasonable rate. It helps the foreign investment in the local community because our volunteer’s small effort can help in the upliftment of domestic tourism.

Women Empowerment
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