Volunteering at Temples/Monasteries

Volunteer In Nepal Monastery: Join us to unleash your skills in the construction works of ancient temples, monasteries, monuments, etc. in several parts of Nepal, which were affected by the earthquake. There are many such monasteries and temples in the isolated hilly areas of Nepal. Similarly, if you have some architectural or fine-arts skills, then you can assist in making various arts, monuments, and statues. Volunteers can provide English teachings at several Buddhist Monasteries and Nunneries.

Hence, it’s an excellent platform for travelers/ trekkers to be involved in volunteering activities and show their potentials. Our volunteers will be learning several spiritual teachings, Buddhist principles, meditations, and more. We have got several foreign volunteers working in collaboration, for volunteering in a monastery. Our volunteers teach English language classes to Buddhist child monks at monasteries; they help in the construction of temples, monasteries, etc. We give orientation to our foreign volunteers before their participation in volunteering works. In addition to this, volunteers get to live in a homestay environment with the local host family. We arrange the host family for our volunteers, where they can enjoy Nepali shelter, meals, culture, and other features. It helps our volunteers to be more comfortable before their participation.

Moreover, volunteers can bring their families, friends, and the ones nearby for Volunteer In Nepal Monastery. There are several monasteries in Nepal, where our volunteers can incorporate and share their skills. Moreover, volunteers can volunteer in the construction of temples, monuments, and heritage sites collaboratively with a group of foreign volunteers. In addition to this, our volunteers will get the chance to enjoy the beautiful significance of Nepal while volunteering. There are many such monasteries, temples, and monuments in the upper Himalayan region of Nepal, which offers spectacular natural scenarios.


Thus, our volunteers can opt to explore the beauty of Himalayan ranges via trekking, touring, hiking, or flight, where we can direct them. Moreover, we guide our volunteers, for voluntourism, excursions, hike, trek, and other recreational activities at reasonable costing.

Volunteering at Temples/Monasteries
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