Volunteer for Elderly Care

Volunteer for Elderly Care: There are various elderly citizen care centers in Nepal, where you can meet with older peoples and share some memorable outings. In addition to this, you can also assist in raising funds for such elderly peoples. Your small collaborative volunteering can give a rising smile to such elderly citizens. We invite our foreign travelers, to share a smile in the face of old age, citizens. We will manage a homely environment for our travelers in a host family environment. Here, travelers will have the flavor of typical Nepali meals, languages, festivals, cultures, rituals, and more.

Moreover, our volunteers will go to several elderly care centers and collaborate, interact with old age citizens, and motivate them. Volunteers can raise funds and support the eldercare centers, to support the early age peoples. We will help our volunteers to become familiar with the Nepali family by involving them in the homestay environment.

Our volunteers will get to taste the flavor of typical Nepali meals, including Dal, Bhat, Tarkri, Achar, etc.

It will help our volunteers to become familiar with Nepali arts, culture, language, festivals, rituals, etc.

We heartfully invite our volunteers to be involved in the care of old age citizens. Your small contribution can bring a big smile in the face of elderly citizens. Care volunteer in Nepal is really in demand whether its elderly care or orphan, children, disables. As an elderly care volunteer, you can upgrade your social persona and uplift your resume as a societal activist.

In addition to this, you can view the panoramic beauty of Kathmandu, its heritage areas, religious places, and other parts of the country. We can help our volunteers in various travel, tours, adventure sports, Helitour in Nepal. It will help us to incorporate social as well as the tourism aspect of Nepal. Such an initiative will help our volunteers to be associated with Nepali culture, arts, Himalayas, nature, community, language, etc. Moreover, we offer cheap and nominal costing for our volunteers for any sorts of tourism activity in the Himalayan beauty of Nepal.

Volunteer for Elderly Care
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