Teaching, Training, and Assisting at Schools/Monasteries


Volunteers: The education system in Nepal is not appropriate to the standard level, and in addition to this, many children lack formal education due to poor economic conditions. So, if you have the skills and desire to assist the school children in Nepal, then we have an ultimate platform for you. Thus, you can teach several school students based on your potentials. You can train them, motivate them, and assist the school administration in developing the future planning of schools. Similarly, you can teach at Buddhist monasteries to the monks, students, and scholars. In addition to this, you can raise funds to provide education for isolated and needy children. Thus, you can discover Nepal and play a vital role in uplifting its education system.

Moreover, our volunteers can teach various subjects to school children like maths, science, English, computer, etc. based on their skills. Volunteers can motivate students, teach at nunneries, work with teachers, monks, and more. The literacy rate of Nepal is quite low, as there are many schools lacking teachers and some lack of students. So, we need foreign volunteer to incorporate with Nepali schools and child centers to provide quality steps of learning. Your small steps can create smiles in the face of many needy ones. So, proper assistance to teachers and students via volunteering helps in several aspects of educational revival. Our volunteers can cooperate with Buddhist monks, work at nunneries, and teach some English language classes. Moreover, volunteers can get various tips about the enlightenment and principle of Buddhism at the monasteries.

Similarly, our volunteers can teach computer skills to the rural students, and villagers, as computer skills are a must in present days trendy IT environment. Volunteering experiences in Nepalese villages encounter several hillsides, mountains, forests, religious pilgrims, and other natural settings. You can enjoy the lifelong beauty of participating in trekking, touring, hiking, mountain flight, and more. Nepal has a day off during Saturdays so that you can utilize these day-offs in excursions and other adventurous activities. We can help our volunteers in trekking and tour activities at nominal pricing. It helps the local tourism industry to uplift their way of living. Your simple assistance can sort several problems, so why not contribute to uplift the standard of locals. It always feels better in giving than in taking. Similarly, Nepal offers spiritualism, relaxation, and adventure to tourists, so why not contribute to the local beauty.

The conclusion

Moreover, Nepal is the best place for volunteerism, as you can volunteer and simultaneously enjoy the beautiful enigma of Himalayas. Thus, we will help you in finding the correct volunteering work for you.

Teaching, Training, and Assisting at Schools/Monasteries
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