Child Sponsorship Program Guidelines

Child sponsorship program guidelines in Nepal is one of the economically emerging countries in the world, and more than 46 % of Nepalese are the victim of illiteracy. So, the primary cause of such ignorance is poverty, as most of the people in rural Nepal struggle a lot for the economy. However, many parents want their children to get at least formal school education, as the parents don’t want their children to be like them. But they don’t have any alternative, so many children in Nepal are involved in child labor.

However, our volunteers are collectively working in providing Scholarships to Nepali children from rural backgrounds. Our primary focus for sponsorships is children, war victim children, orphans, and disabled children.

So, we urge our foreign volunteers to collaborate with us in such a social initiative. Many of our volunteers are from multiple backgrounds and countries, but they all show a positive response in such a humanly effort. Your small contribution can help a child to polish his/her future. It always feels pleasure in giving rather than taking, so why not give in child education.

Thus, we thank our volunteers who are continuously funding and encouraging the platform to uplift the future of Nepali children.

Sponsor a Child:

We create a flexible environment for our volunteers to choose a child to whom they want to sponsor. There are many Nepali children of rural backgrounds, girls, orphans, disabilities, children lacking education. So, we create a legal platform for our volunteers to sponsor a child.

Our volunteers can choose a child of their choice for sponsorships. We humbly request our volunteers to adopt a deserving child, so that the real, needy child gets a proper aid. Our volunteers can sponsor such children in various fields such as shelter, clothing, food, and education; however, the principal motive is always education.
The sponsor will get every update about the child’s progress, as the sponsorship package for a child includes school fees, bags, uniforms, school supplies, food, stationery, stationery items, and medical care. However, our sponsors can choose a partial sponsorship as per their choice.

Become a sponsor:

We thank our foreign volunteers involved in generous and continuous funding to children, girls, orphans, physical and mental disables, etc. war victim children, and other isolated children. Our volunteers are sponsoring in the field of education, health, and shelter. Similarly, volunteers fund individually and collaboratively in such humanitarian work.
We urge everyone to be involved in such an initiative. So, if you want to be a sponsor for any of such marginalized child sponsorship program guidelines, then we provide you a legally authenticated governmental platform.
We are always ready to hear from you, assist you in these humble cause. You can become a full sponsor or a partial sponsor depending on your choice.

Child Sponsorship Program Guidelines
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