Our main aim is to step forward in the development of Nepal in several fields of women, children, elders, and many other social services. Volunteers and interns from various countries, backgrounds, and ages collaborate with us for such a hospitable cause. Some of our volunteers are teachers, students, parents, retirees, travelers who are actively working and sharpening their skills. Many volunteers have taken some time off from a busy life and are involved in such a prolific cause. We understand the consequences of being away from home, a family, and that’s why we respect your initiative. Thus, we thoroughly appreciate our conscious volunteers from multiple nationalities, as we care for them and their safety. We always make sure that our volunteers won’t get homesick, so we offer a traditional homestay package to our volunteers.

By volunteering, you can understand the satisfaction of giving than in receiving, which is a traditional norm in eastern society. As we always help the needy ones and provide humanitarian volunteering to all whenever-wherever required.

Our volunteers return time and again by taking some time off to help the needy ones, which makes us motivated as well as focused on our mission.

So, the following are our primary goals/objectives to Volunteer in Nepal.
  • Provide woman’s various income-generating skills, train them with different educational classes.
  • Support various health services, health camps, schools, monuments via volunteering.
  • Provide various literary courses to women, children, elderly citizens, and many such isolated peoples.
  • Collaborate with schools, colleges administrations to motivate, train, and provide several pieces of training.
  • Help war victims, orphans, street children, women, and disabled people.
  • Sponsorship for isolated children, conflict victim children, and economically poor children who have a desire to study,
  • English language classes at several youth clubs, communities, schools, colleges, and rural areas,
  • Volunteering in construction works of monuments, temples, poor villagers.
  • Organize various awareness workshops, meetings, motivational speeches, psychological counseling, and more.
  • Monitoring the educational level of rural schools and help children in many ways.
  • Establish temporary medical camps, health assistance, and psychological counseling sessions.
  • Provide skills to several small scale industries to uplift their economy.
  • Encourage foreign volunteers with intimate knowledge of Nepali culture and peoples to generate more workforce.
  • Help in establishments of Schools, orphan houses, eldercare centers, and skill training centers through volunteering and fundraising.
  • Training Nepali teachers for English language classes and assisting them in administrative works.
  • Assist in implementing computer skills for students, locals, and professionals.
  • Working with deaf and disabled people.
  • Promote language, culture, arts, traditional homestay.
  • Encouraging Travel/Trek volunteering
  • Helping earthquake victims

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