volunteering in Nepal is a social initiative to help isolated children, rural communities, schools, in several regards. If you are motivated and enthusiastic regarding assisting the needy children for education, improvising your skills in the social cause, then we can help you out. We are presently collaborating with many foreign nationals in the field of social works, childcare, child education, shelter, and many premium projects. So, if you want to join hands with us in the social initiative, then let’s collaborate for a change.

Furthermore, you can meet with several foreign volunteers while volunteering in Nepali rural areas. Also, you can experience trekking, hiking, sightseeing, and adventure journey along with social projects. So, it’s an investment which you will remember for long years to come. Moreover, you can improvise your skills in several technical and non-technical social works. As a volunteer, you can teach school children, teachers, and locals and motivate them via your speech. You will experience the typical Nepali lifestyles, cultures, rituals, and involved in many.

In addition to this, you can help needy children, orphans for their onward educations by raising funds or contributing to some. It feels incredible in giving than in taking, so why not contribute to a social cause. You can give your free time in sharing skills, ideas, techniques, and motivational speech to the Nepalese society. We also, support child education sponsorships; if you were interest in such an act, then also we can help you to find the needy ones.


Similarly, you can also encourage your native friends, to invest in such social activities. If you can take an alternative time out from a busy schedule, by volunteering in the Himalayan communities of Nepal, then it can be excellent support for needy peoples. Moreover, volunteering in Nepal encounters majestic trek, hike, mountain routes where you can enjoy. It will help the local tourism industry, which is an integral part of peoples in the Himalayas.

There is no specific age requirement for volunteering in Nepal; however, you must be above 18 years old. Moreover, there is no higher age limitation for volunteer work in Nepal.
No, you can come for volunteering work from any country.
You can apply via our email, social media, or direct phone call. We will respond to your interest as soon as possible.
We have a wide range of volunteering works in Nepal. Based on your skills, ideas you can participate in these social causes, however, will provide short training before your placement. You can teach, motivate, help in small and cottage scale industries, support in construction works, etc. as a volunteer. Similarly, volunteering along the Himalayan route, you can experience excellent sight view of Nepalese landscapes, which is useful for cultural researches. Some of our premium volunteering categories are: • Volunteering, • Internships for all • Voluntourism in Nepal • Charity trekking and tour • Volunteer and Mountain trekking
We offer volunteering programs from ten days to 45 days, but if you want a more extended stay, then we can arrange for that.
You can start volunteering works as soon as you wish, but please let us know at least two weeks before your plan in Nepal. It will help us to arrange all your training, accommodation and placements.
Yes, of course, we have a group of foreign volunteers, with whom you can collaborate to volunteer. Moreover, you can come with your family, relatives, children, friends for volunteering.
Yes, of course, you can choose your desired participating schedule which suits you.
You can contact us via email, social media or by a direct phone call to get in touch with our present and past volunteers. We will give you the details about our happy testimonials and present participants.
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