Why Volunteer with us?

We are working on several social projects related to women, children, medical care, education, etc. in various parts of Nepal. It provides an excellent platform for foreign volunteers to be engaged in extensive volunteering activities. Our volunteers live closely with the families in a homestay platform to experience closer socio-cultural discovery. • Travelers can develop […]

What do we do?

Every year a large number of foreign volunteers explore Nepal for tourism as well as social causes. Similarly, they are involved in several developmental projects such as street children management, women’s right, building earthquake destroyed houses, preservation of wildlife, and many more. We provide a wide range of platforms for travel volunteers based on their […]


Our main aim is to step forward in the development of Nepal in several fields of women, children, elders, and many other social services. Volunteers and interns from various countries, backgrounds, and ages collaborate with us for such a hospitable cause. Some of our volunteers are teachers, students, parents, retirees, travelers who are actively working […]

About Us

Our team emphasizes on the development of Nepal and its communities, with our wide varieties of Projects. Our projects focus on women empowerment, child right, youth governance, people with disabilities, and social works. We are a team of experienced volunteering professionals working in the sector of children, women, youth, and other social services. The government […]


We organize various volunteering training programs, which will help our volunteers to be more effective in their field of interest. Moreover, our volunteering training helps our volunteers, to be more precise, useful in their placement, and focus on their targeted group. So, we have several training options for our volunteers based on their area of […]


We are an authenticated team of social activists, in the field of volunteering, volunteer placements, and internships. Our volunteers and internees are involved in several volunteering works based on their area of interest. Moreover, our volunteers are tourists, teachers, travelers, social workers, celebrities, students, and researchers from multiple nationalities. So, volunteering in Nepal can help […]


We provide dedicated services to our volunteers during their stay in Nepal. Moreover, we provide complete support and assistance to our volunteers and internees. It helps the volunteering service more feasible, effective, and more charming. Similarly, we groom our volunteers with several orientations and training classes which helps them before they can start their volunteering […]

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