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Our team emphasizes on the development of Nepal and its communities, with our wide varieties of Projects. Our projects focus on women empowerment, child right, youth governance, people with disabilities, and social works. We are a team of experienced volunteering professionals working in the sector of children, women, youth, and other social services. The government is not implementing proper developmental policy in these aspects. So, there are many private and foreign organizations working in various social services. International travelers have a high hand in the development of these critical issues. Your one step forward might help many needy peoples in different parts of Nepal. Along the trekking path, foreign travelers can find many such isolated villages, disappearing forests, child labor, beggars, and street children. Travelers can collaborate with us in these volunteering activities to implement the lifestyles of such needy peoples.

Our volunteers focus on implementing this social cause, as we send our volunteers in various isolated schools, rehabilitation centers, childcare centers, and religious places. Similarly, we send our volunteers in conservation, awareness, and cleanliness programs. Apart from these activities, we provide internships to many needy peoples who are volunteering in several parts of Nepal.
Every year tourists from different corners of the world come to visit Nepal to experience its breathtaking beauty in many ways. Tourism is the primary industry of Nepal from where people get revenue and uplift the country’s economy. But it is not flowing in the correct direction due to lack of proper management. There is a lack of proper governance in this field., but with the help of private sectors and foreign aids, various social activities in Nepal have incorporated. Travelers can think positively on this topic because they are spending many unwanted revenues in lodging, food, and staffing.

But, if you think realistically, then your small investment can help to make many isolated faces happy. Thus, our team always welcome foreign volunteers who want to be involved in the development of this tiny Himalayan nation.

About our Website:
Our website is regularly, updated with all the accurate information, details, volunteering programs, and essential notes. Please, write us an email, with your feedback, queries, and suggestions related to the agenda, volunteering, internship works, sponsorships, etc. We will always be delighted to hear from you and return your mail to you.

About Us
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