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Who We Are?

Our team emphasizes on the development of Nepal and its communities, with our wide varieties of Projects. Our projects focus on women empowerment, child right, youth governance, people with disabilities, and social works. We are a team of experienced volunteering professionals working in the sector of children, women, youth, and other social services. The government is not implementing proper developmental policy in these aspects. So, there are many private and foreign organizations working in various social services. International travelers have a high hand in the development of these critical issues. Your one step forward might help many needy peoples in different parts of Nepal. Along the trekking path, foreign travelers can find many such isolated villages, disappearing forests, child labor, beggars, and street children. Travelers can collaborate with us in these volunteering activities to implement the lifestyles of such needy peoples.

Our volunteers focus on implementing this social cause, as we send our volunteers in various isolated schools, rehabilitation centers, childcare centers, and religious places. Similarly, we send our volunteers in conservation, awareness, and cleanliness programs. Apart from these activities, we provide internships to many needy peoples who are volunteering in several parts of Nepal.

What We Do

We Are There

We are always there to help, support the isolated community, children, women, and social issues in Nepal. Our team works closely in collaboration with our foreign volunteers and marches on for the social initiative in rural Nepal.

We Provide Education

We always focus on the socio welfare of the community, as children, women, street children, old age peoples are our primary concentration. Therefore, we provide sponsored scholarships for needy children, women of Nepal. 

We Remove Hunger

We help the street children, isolated peoples with food, employment skills, and more. Our volunteers closely work in providing needy children, elders, women with meals, skills, crafts. 

We Build Houses

In collaboration with our volunteers and internees, we focus on helping the rural villagers to built their houses. Due to an earthquake, most of the upper hilly parts of Nepal were affected. 

We Cure

Our volunteers work closely with rural peoples while exploring the trails of Nepal. Volunteers, help, motivate the orphans, handicapped, earthquake victims, old age people, with their skills and experience.

We Rely On People

 We invite all the volunteers to shake hand with us and march to share their skills and ideas which Nepal need. Volunteers can raise funds and help in several social sectors, including education, shelter to needy ones, etc.

volunteer Nepal

We need Helping Hands...

It always feels incredible in giving rather than taking. We invite all volunteers and internees to collaborate with us and help build Nepal via their skills, ideas, etc. Similarly, interested volunteers can raise funds for child education sponsorships along with the memories of the scenic beauty of Nepal.

Our Programs

Teaching Yoga for Beginners

Introduction Teaching Yoga for Beginners: Join us to explore the beauty of Nepalese Himalayas along with the spiritualism of yoga meditation. Moreover, there is an excellent opportunity to volunteering in yoga teaching, in Nepal, where you can enhance your skills, and get new yoga tips. Many internees and volunteers are involving in yoga teaching in […]

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Women Empowerment

Introduction: Empower women Join us to collaborate with the Empower women initiative, which is essential to uplift the lifestyle of rural women of Nepal. In addition to this, our women empowerment initiative will help rural women to polish the concept of masculine society. We support the community to enhance gender equality by promoting the idea […]

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Volunteering at Temples/Monasteries

Volunteer In Nepal Monastery: Join us to unleash your skills in the construction works of ancient temples, monasteries, monuments, etc. in several parts of Nepal, which were affected by the earthquake. There are many such monasteries and temples in the isolated hilly areas of Nepal. Similarly, if you have some architectural or fine-arts skills, then […]

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Volunteer Travel Tour

Volunteer: If the fabulous beauty of Nepal is under your discovery, then volunteering the travel group is the last option to develop your leadership skills and act as a travel volunteer. The local Nepali guide might not understand multiple languages (i.e., except English or a few more), so you can deliver your leadership potentials in […]

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Want to volunteering in Nepal?

Come volunteers with us and experience several ascend and descend trails, terrains of Nepal. We already have volunteers from several parts of the world working with us. So, it’s your turn to get involved in such a social initiative.

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